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Program Schedule


  • January—Alison Whiply
  • March—Angel Abitu
  • May—The Late Barbara Car
  • June—Birdman
  • July—Bob Mud
  • August—Carrie Fountain
  • September—Celeste Guzmán
  • October—Christina M. Jackson


  • January—Tony Burnet
  • February—Janet Kuyper
  • April—Birdman
  • May—susanroger202
  • July—Carrie Fountain
  • August—Sunni Soper
  • September—Patricia Fiske
  • October—Susan Roger
  • December—Charles Darnell


  • January—Cindy Huyser
  • February—Patricia Fiske
  • March—Late Herman Nelson
  • April—Robin Cravey
  • June—Neil Meili
  • July—Crista Pandy
  • August—Robin Barrat
  • September—Benjamin Pehr


  • October—Linda Marie Costas Interview
  • November—Linda Marie Costas  on stage/Interview
  • December—Scott Lockhard interview


  • May—David Lester Young
  • April—Susan Rogers
  • March—Sarah f. Webb
  • February—Ralph Housser
  • January—Tommie Ortega


  • December—Chris Billings
  • November—Charles Darnell
  • October—Teresa Robinson
  • April—Rod C. Stryker
  • March—Usha Akella
  • February—Lyman Grant
  • January—Dustin Pickering


  • December—Cindy Huyser
  • November—Melvin Kenny
  • October—Allyson Whipple
  • September—Marcie Eanes
  • August—Joyce Gullickson
  • July—Christopher  Carmona
  • June—PW Covington
  • May—Katherine Old Mixson
  • April—Barbara Car
  • March—Joe Brundidge
  • February—Lyman Grant
  • January—Celeste Guzman Mendoza


  • December—Lyman Grant
  • November—Celeste Guzman Mendoza
  • October—Carrie Fontain
  • September—Robin Cravey
  • July—Ryan Sharps
  • June—Nick Courtright
  • May—Laura Guidry
  • April—Linda Marie Costa
  • March—Cyrus Cassell
  • February—Bob Mud
  • January—Susan Summer


  • December—Borderland
  • November—Kurt Heinzelman
  • October—Lydia Armendariz
  • September—Gloria Amescua
  • August—Anjela Ratliff
  • July—Patricia Fiske
  • June—Carrie Fountain
  • May—Dillon Mackinsey
  • April—Elzy Cogswell
  • March—Women & Fair Trade Festival
  • February—Loudes Perez
  • January—Zara Houshmand 


  • January—Carrie Fountain, interviewed by Ric William
  • February—John Berry, interviewed by Herman Nelson
  • March—Robin Cravey, interviewed by Ric William
  • April—Kathleen Romana interviewed by Herman Nelson
  • May—Ken Fontenot, interviewed by Ric Williams


  • January—Katherine Durham Oldmixon
  • February—David Jewell
  • March—Twin Oaks part one
  • April—Twin Oaks Part two
  • May—Youth Award 2010
  • June—Michael Gilmore
  • July—Robert Bly
  • August Borderland : Texas Poetry Review
  • September—Lyman Grant, interviewed by Ric William
  • October—Robert Bingham, interviewed by Ric William
  • November—John Cotaia, interviewed by Ric William
  • December—Paula Hanna Mendoza, interviewed by Ric William


  • January—Naomi Shihab Nye and Wendy Barker discussing a book called "Texas Writers"
  • February—Robin Cravey
  • March—Bahram Moshiri On Rumi
  • April—Bilingual poets of Austin
  • May—Youth Poetry Award, taped at the Austin International Poetry Festival readings.
  • June—Ric Williams interviews Niel Meili, a cowboy poet.
  • July—An interview with brilliant young activist and poet Kelsey Erin Shipman. Ric Williams throws out a few questions and she rockets off with powerful insights into what drives art and artists. Taped in the Austin backyard of Texas Nafas.
  • August—Herman Nelson
  • September—Lyman Grant
  • October—Joe W.Hoppe
  • December—Former US poet laureate Ted Kooser


  • January—Jeraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival series Part Three: Jane Hirshfield and Joy Harjo Readings
  • February—Jeraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival series Part Four: Conversation on the life of the poet,
    Former US poet laureate Ted Kooser.
  • March—Nationally distinguished poet Li-Young Lee reading at Texas State University. Born in 1957 of Chinese parents in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lee learned early about loss and exile. His great grandfather was China's first republican President; and his father, a deeply religious Christian, was physician to Communist leader Mao Tse-Tung. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949, Lee's parents escaped to Indonesia. In 1959, his father, after spending a year as a political prisoner in President Sukarno's jails, fled Indonesia with his family to escape anti-Chinese sentiment. After a five-year trek through Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan, they settled in the United States in 1964.
  • April—Jeraldine R. dodge Poetry Festival series Part four: Sharon Olds: Her first collection of poems, Satan Says (1980), received the inaugural San Francisco Poetry Center Award. Olds's following collection, The Dead & the Living (1983), received the Lamont Poetry Selection in 1983 and the National Book Critics Circle Award.
  • May—Usha Akella and John Poch reading at Austin Community College
  • June—Carolyn Forché Reading at University of Texas A&M
  • July—Carolyn Forché interviewed by Brad Buchholz
  • August—Youth Poetry Awards 2009
  • September—Poetry, Politic and Morality
  • October—James P. Lenfestey
  • November—Tony Hoagland
  • December—Lucile Clifton On Poetry, taped at Jeraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival in 2008.


  • January—Mahmoud Darwish, Palestan National poet
  • February—Nikola Madzirov
  • March—Club Illusion
  • April—Ojai Part one
  • May— Brad Buchholz Part one
  • June—Brad Buchholz part two
  • July—John Trudell part one
  • August—John Trudell part two
  • September—Slam Poetry Show case part one
  • October—Refelection on Pablo Neruda, hosted by Paul Christensen with Robert Bly, guest.
  • November—William Stafford, hosted by Paul Christensen with Robert Bly, guest.
  • December—Poetry, Politics and Morality


  • January—Taha Muhammad Ali
  • February—Brian Turner, an American soldier that became a poet.
  • March—Ekiwah Adler-Belendez
  • April—Sharon Olds reading
  • May—Usha Akella and John Poch reading
  • June—Carolyn Forché Reading
  • July—Slam poetry show case
  • August—Youth Poetry Awards
  • September—Poetry & History
  • October—Robert Bly & Coleman Barks, Angels Kocking at the Tavern Door
  • November—Stanly Kennani
  • December—Carolyn Forche


  • January—Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • February—Joy Harjo
  • March—William Stafford Part one
  • April—William Stafford Part two
  • May—Slam off poetry
  • June—Paul Christensen
  • July—Youth Award
  • August—Austin International poetry Fest
  • September—Turkish poetry by Mel Kenne part one
  • October—Turkish poetry by Mel Kenne part two
  • November
  • December—Ric Williams


  • January— Bryce Milligan & Roberto Bonazzi
  • February— Mel Kenney & Ken Fantenot
  • March— Zara Houshmand
  • April— Coleman Barks & Robert Bly
  • May— Roberto Bonazzi
  • June— Mary Harding Baylor University
  • July— Coleman Barks I
  • August— Coleman Barks II
  • September— Ojai Poetry Festival I
  • October— Lawrence Firlenghetti, Joy Harjo, Galway Kinnell, Suzanne Lummis
  • November— Christopher Middleton
  • December— Texas Poet Laureate Alan Lee Birkelbach


  • January— Ojai Poetry Festival I
  • February— Ojai Poetry Festival II
  • March— Naomi Shihab Nye reading at Cody's Book Store in Berkeley, CA
  • April— Ojai Poetry Festival III
  • May— Al Young
  • June— Night of the Thousand Voices
  • July— AIPF Youth Poetry Award
  • August— Robert Bly & Naomi Shihab Nye III
  • September— Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review
  • October— Paul Christensen
  • November— Ojai Poetry Festival III
  • December— Ojai Poetry Festival IIII


  • January—Robert Bly reading at Ojai poetry Festival I
  • February—Robert Bly reading at Ojai poetry Festival II
  • March—Influence of Chinese Poetry on American poetry (Poetry Journal series # 10)
  • April— Albert Huffstickler Funeral (The late Poet of Hyde Park)
  • May— W. B. Yeats (Poetry Journal series 7 )
  • June— Langston Hughes (Poetry Journal series 12 )
  • July— T. S. Eliot (Poetry Journal series 9 )
  • August— Ezra Pound Part one (Poetry Journal series 5 )
  • September— Ezra Pound part two (Poetry Journal series 6 )
  • October— University of Mary Hardin Baylor Performance Studies Students
  • November— "What Does Poetry Save You From" Discussion between Robert Bly, Coleman Barks, and Jane Hirshfield I
  • December— "What Does Poetry Save You From" Discussion between Robert Bly, Coleman Barks, and Jane Hirshfield II


  • January—Roger Kemenetz & Jane Hirshfield (Filmed during Baylor Poetry Festival)
  • February—Susan Bright filmed at Poetry in the Arts venue
  • Mar—Robert Bly (part one)
  • April—Robert Bly (part two)
  • May—Poetry on the peaks filmed at PITA
  • June—Women Poetry Nelson & Berry
  • July—Edward Hirsch (Professor of Literature University of Houston talks about importance of poetry and Lorca's concept of Duende)
  • August—Mary Hardin Baylor (performance by student)
  • September—Poetry Society of Texas Children’s Poetry Awards
  • October—
  • November—Sylvia Plath (Poetry Journal series* # 4)
  • December—William Blake (Poetry Journal series # 5)


  • January—Persian Master Poets—Translations by Farid Mohammadi of Rumi, Khayam, Hafez
  • February—Robert Bruce Bingham
  • Mar—Centrum poets & writer’s festival (1999) in Port Townsend, WA
  • April—Ursula K. Leguin—Centrum poets & writer’s festival (1999) in Port Townsend, WA
  • May—John Balaban—Centrum poets & writer’s festival (1999) in Port Townsend, WA
  • June—Reggie Gibson—Slam poet from Washington, DC
  • July—City Wide High School Slam Championship (Austin, TX)
  • August—Amazon Woman in Denmark—5 American Women bring slam poetry to Europe
  • September—James Hoggard (Texas Poet Laureate)
  • October—David Watts—Filmed during Austin International Poetry Festival 2001
  • November—Taylor Mollei (Slam Poetry competition)
  • December—Children’s Poetry (read by Jerome )

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