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coleman barks closeup.

"The Poetry of Longing:
Coleman Barks Reads Rumi"

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Farid Mohammadi

The band, Mundi, Oliver Rajamani and Lauren De Albert provided musical accompaniment and interlude for the reading.

barks & musicians

Oliver Rajamani (l) and Lauren De Albert (c) are pictured with Coleman Barks.

"Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for putting together a wonderful evening of poetry and music. It was one of the most moving evenings of my life. Is there going to be a DVD of it released? If so please contact me because I certainly want to order one." — Cary Clark

the audience at break

A crowd of over 800 guests attended the evening performance at the Texas School for the Deaf.

"Texas Nafas' production of Coleman Barks reading his Rumi translations drew a huge audience, a grateful audience, and rightly so. Mr. Barks (along with superb musical accompaniment) was not only an adept reader of Rumi's poems, but also a raconteur and comic of the first order. No one went home from this performance unmoved." — Ken Fontenot


Lauren De Albert plays the tabla.

Dear Farid, thank you for passing along the photo of me and Coleman and THANK YOU so much for bringing him to Austin. It was a truly extraordinary evening. — Sarah Bird

I really enjoyed Coleman Barks reading of Rumi's work, I hope you continue with increased zeal in promoting both Persian poetry and Persian culture. Wish you success in your future endeavors. — Koros Derakhshani

Oliver Rajamani on the oud, a Middle-Eastern lute.

I would like to thank you personally for the lovely evening of poetry and music with Coleman Barks and his Love Dogs. I will carry that beauty with me forever. My husband and I had both wanted to bring Coleman here for many years but the timing was not right. Your production was simply exquisite. We are hoping that you will make available the recordings of his visit to ACC and the evening performance too. Please place us on a list for those who want to buy the DVD and to help with any future events that pertain particularly with mystical poetry. — Tonya Riley

cellist and rajamani

Like the poetry of Rumi and its translation and interpretation by Coleman Barks, the music of Mundi (Carolyn Hagler pictured) and Oliver Rajamani on a daff, an Ariabic tamborine, create an atmosphere where the spirit breathes, and East and West come together.
mundi - the band

The members of Mundi (l-r) are: Mario Gonzalez, bass; Ric Furley, percussion; Darrel Mayers, guitar; Carolyn Hagler: cello; and Susan Boulden, harmonium.


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