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The Nafas Poetry Journal Series

Poetry Journal is a series of 12 half-hour programs (presented in a boxed set of three DVDs), each covering the work of a classic poet. The format is a lively and informal discussion between two friends, John Herndon and Paul Christensen, both gifted teachers and critics, who share insights, analysis, and contextual background on the great poets.

I give you the end of the golden string
spacerOnly wind it into a ball.
spacerIt will lead you in at heavens gate
spacerBuilt in Jerusalem's wall.
spacerWilliam Blake

The poets discussed in this series of educational videos have been selected as prominent in the curricula of colleges and high schools. The content is designed to be especially useful to teachers seeking insight into the work of great poets, as well as to self-motivated students and lovers of poetry. The programs can easily be used in the classroom, with Herndon and Christensen serving as video ‘team teachers’ or virtual guest lecturers. A brief guide outlining the content of each volume and identifying specific poems discussed is included in the boxed set. here

poetry journal jewel cas set

The poets discussed in Poetry Journal are:

Vol. 1—John Donne, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson

Vol. 2—Ezra Pound, Part I & II, W. B. Yeats, Robert Frost

Vol. 3—T. S. Eliot, influence of Chinese poetry in America,
Sylvia Plath, Langston Hughes

Click here for a short video clip from the Journal series.

"These two teachers do a superb job of burrowing underneath the ground of Eliot and bringing Pound's genius up into the light. I think the series would be immensely helpful as a way to begin good conversations with students about twentieth century poetry. I recommend it highly."
spacerRobert Bly

"Texas Nafas is providing community education at its best—a series of informative, helpful, clearly presented explorations of writers that matter, and all offered up by a grass-roots organization driven by passion for poetry and the real work it can do in the world. This is a project well-deserving of support."
spacerJane Hirshfield

"I found especially gripping the two discussions on Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. I'm planning to play these for a graduate seminar I'm teaching on American poetry. Christensen, I think, is one of the truly brilliant critics. His richness of mind and thoroughgoing sensitivity are intensely instructive. You did a valuable thing by getting him on tape."
spacerJames Hoggard, Texas Poet Laureate

“University teachers in graduate and undergraduate programs will find this series extremely helpful. These videos are guaranteed to generate discussion… Surely the journey of genius is the world’s most fascinating process, and these men know their subject. They have brilliant insights, each in his own way, and I am grateful for what they have given us.”
spacerColeman Barks

“Superb…should be required viewing in every junior high and high school English class in America.”
spacerAustin Chronicle

Poetry Journal is produced by Texas Nafas, a non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to the growth of the soul of mankind through poetry. For ten years, Texas Nafas has presented a very successful weekly television show about poetry in Austin, and recently has begun broadcasting in California. Poetry Journal is the first Texas Nafas program available in VHS and DVD for schools, colleges, libraries, and home use.

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